Emeraude Escape


Emeraude Escape is a french company located in Paris XV, specialised in designing and developping tailored escape games for luxury brands or corporations. They offer playful and innovative ways to reinvent most of the less desirable moments in a company life.
Each project is tailored for the client no matter how specific the purpose: teambuilding, training employees, releasing new products, hiring process...

The whole game can be made according to the client's wishes and thanks to the experience of a passionate team with a wide set of skills, such as motion design, illustration, UX/UI, game design, and developement.

This allows for entirely branded games, reflecting the client's company's values and spirit.


UX/UI, Game Design


UX/UI Designer Intern


Internship 2021

Little Nightmares

User interfaces for an escape game around the theme of the game Little Nightmares. Part of a game made as a proposal for an interactive experience to be displayed in a convention for the Bandai Namco stand. Another part of this proposal was a physical escape game. Alas, the pandemic made it impossible to ship the whole project in time to the United States.



A short UI for an Escape Game for the luxury french brand Chanel. In this experience combining team building and training, Chanel's employees had to work together to solve puzzles themed around the brand's jewellery collection Coco Crush.



User interfaces for an interactive escape game meant to be played by the Hennessy factory employees, focusing on workplace safety and various hazards they could be subject to. The game takes place in the production facility, and makes you retrace the day of a missing employees, solving several safety hazards themes riddles on the way.


Audemars Piguet

A set of UI for an Escape Game prototype for the luxury Swiss brand Audemars Piguet. Here, the goal was to totally overhaul the previous training system with a more playful approach which would allow employees to train their knowledge of the brand's history.